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In the life of every woman it sometimes happens that she is forced to choose some pregnancy termination method. Of course, this situation is quite complicated and it is not so easy to perform pregnancy termination.

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When one finds out about the unplanned pregnancy the first thought that appears in the head is the pregnancy termination. It is not always easy to decide to perform an abortion for women, but our life sometimes...

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Gynaecologist or Do it at Home?

If you got a lot of money your best choice is to visit nearest clinic and make an termination procedure with a help of gynaecologist.

  • Gynaecologist pros.
    Ultrasound is performed just before and just after the procedure.
  • Gynaecologist cons.
    Costs a lot of money. Up to $1.500 and more
  • At Home pros.
    You can perform procedure right in the home. No need to visit a doctor is needed.
  • At Home cons.
    Need to visit doctor to perform ultrasound. Nevertheless, it is much more cheaper that make termination procedure in the clinic.

The desire to limit women's access to abortion, and certainly always leads to a unique result: an increase in the number of clandestine operations. No, this does not improve the demographics, does not lead to an increase in the population, and only leads to an increase in costs for the rehabilitation of women who have had to use the infernal ways that some ironically called "popular".

Traditional scalding bath with mustard? Knitting needles that pierce the embryo in the uterus right? I once read about a handyman who planted pregnant for bailout simulator for military pilots, and shoots a woman in a chair, exposing them to the acceleration of several g - embryo at this just came off. Unfortunately, sometimes along with the uterus, and the woman died from bleeding. Who complicate the abortion procedure must be borne in mind that it is of such cases they ultimately achieve.

There are various reasons of pregnancy, including rape. If the government is going to restrict the right to interrupt a pregnancy, it should be or provide care for the child, which the mother refuses (show of hands by those who theoretically agree to love and raise a child, who was conceived by the perpetrator) or expose the victim humiliating procedure - to confirm the fact of rape, such practice exists. As if this particular woman has got a little, it would be necessary to aggravate her impressions of the surrounding reality, which outraged over it, and then forced to prove this fact the chain of command. In Brazil, the practitioner such restrictions, some 200 000 women annually are in hospitals for the treatment of the consequences of clandestine abortions. The effectiveness of techniques such as pre-marital abstinence promotion, will seriously argue perhaps that eunuchs.

Sooner or later, the debate about the ban or impede access to abortion, alcohol or drugs ends with a discussion of human freedom to dispose of their own body. The sane man, able to read and compare the facts, not propaganda sacrifice - public or religious - these main manipulators since the Middle Ages, eventually come to the conclusions that once I came. So: no legal restrictions or measures of public censure will not stop the man. Reasons for causing his plump, smoking or stick to the danger to health and life, so much stronger than the possible consequences that can provide him the society and the state, that is meaningless to compare them. "If I then decided - it certainly drink." Anyone who wants to see the results of Prohibition or anti-drug campaigns in the United States, find the network dozens of analytical articles. The same applies to abortion operations.

A person should have the right to dispose of her body in its sole discretion, period. Those who wish to accuse a woman in the Vagrants, let the first check with his mother the details of its own conception, for every third (as the statistics), its response will be a big surprise. Oh, and do not forget to analyze frankly his views on contraception. Coincidentally, most highly moral reluctant to limit their own sexual habits. Simply put, it prefers folk historically approved sex shaved, and the consequences of the inability to gracefully withdraws women calculate cycles. However, this paper they anyway will not read.

"Abortion - the evil, and that's it." Approximately such is, to date, the level of debate, since the statistical evidence which would confirm the positive effect of prohibitions simply do not exist, but negative - more than enough. The argument becomes even the age of the embryo - up to 24 weeks, some do not consider it a living thing, and then - yes. Head is spinning. In that case, why do not we continue the logical series and not considered living creatures sperm or female egg? It is currently an independent form of existence of matter. This assumption will turn each of us into a mass murderer of women killed each month by the "criminal non-assistance" their eggs as men generally are misanthropes planetary scale.