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Today the access to abortions in Phillippines for women is declining. Many women begin buying aborting pills online to have a medical abortion on their own.

Recent studies published in BMJ have shown that medical abortions that are done outside the clinic do not have a strong threat for a woman. With proper use, abortion pills are fairly safe and effective. But there are the laws, which criminalize pregnant women and can put the women in real danger.

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Is it Legal To Perform Abortion at Home?

Committing your own abortion is a controversial situation that can be both safe and dangerous. Many women in the US were arrested on suspicion that they wanted to have an abortion at home under suspicious circumstances without a doctor’s involvement. In the US, women can be arrested while trying to get an abortion pill illegally. At the same time, there is the question of whether the websites that sell abortion pills are real and safe. Generally, an abortion, done on your own at home, is illegal.

An Experiment: Ordering Abortion Pill Online

There was an experiment, conducted to check the quality of the drugs that are sold online. A large number of mifepristone-misoprostol combinations were ordered, one or two drugs from each website. The mystery shoppers included fictional young women who wanted to have an abortion. The price of these drugs was about $200 - $300, which is less than the price for a legal medical abortion in the United States.

As for the payment, then this procedure had a certain difficulty. People, who did not want to share their banking information in order to pay for an order using a credit card, had to pay extra money for the Western Union transfer, some of them even used Bitcoin to pay for the abortion pills online.

Delivery of the Abortion Pills

The delivery of the drugs was held within 10 working days. You can also pay a certain amount of money for urgency and the delivery will get some days. The ordered abortion pills came in unmarked thin envelopes. 20 of the received drugs were shipped from India, where, in accordance with the packaging, they were manufactured. Several received drugs had a mark of the US post, which is very surprising. Some envelopes had the medicines hidden in secret pockets. There were the drugs that were disguised as chargers for mobile phones. It is important that all the drugs did not have real instructions for use. It was concluded that all 20 websites may be the same enterprise of several suppliers, as several different packages had the same return address.

Two orders were not received at all. Some buyers received the messages to their e-mail, which said that the buyers must not tell anyone about the order, as they may have problems with the law. The sellers, who did not send the orders, reported that they did not receive the payment, although, in fact, all the orders were fully paid. Laboratory tests confirmed that all the abortion pills were real and contained about 200 mg of mifepristone, as well as the pills that women usually receive at clinics. It has been found that misoprostol may be affected by the air. Damaged packaging may be a warning that the pills may not be sufficiently effective.

The Choice: Cheap Aborton Pill Online or Expensive One at Clinc

It should be concluded that there is no any guarantee that a website selling the abortion pills online sells real drugs. The drugs ordered for the experiment described above turned out to be real, but some packs were damaged. Several drugs were disguised as other items, which is suspiciously.

Anyway, if you want to get an abortion, you should choose a legal way and consult a doctor. Despite the fact that online abortion pills are cheaper, you can’t be sure that such an abortion will be successful.

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buy abortion pill
buy abortion pill
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