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Abortion Pill in Australia

Medical abortion is an abortion that is performed with the help of abortion pills. It is done without any surgery and do not need anesthesia. Medical abortions in Australia are allowed for women, who have a pregnancy period of up to 9 weeks. Before you have a medical abortion, you should have an ultrasound scan in order to make sure that you are pregnant and in order to know the exact period of your pregnancy. It is also necessary to consult your doctor. Tell your doctor about your medical history, as well as about all the medications you have been taking or have taken recently.

If you need a medical abortion, then you will be prescribed abortion pills, mifepristone and misoprostol, which are used for medical abortions. The medication mifepristone blocks the hormone, which is necessary for the development of your pregnancy, and the drug misoprostol causes spasms and bleeding that contribute to the complete emptying of the uterus and the completion of the pregnancy. Before taking abortion pills, you will receive the exact instructions from your doctor. Two weeks after taking the two medications, you will need to visit the doctor again in order to make sure that your abortion was successful. You may also need to have another ultrasound.

If you have any questions, connected with your medical abortion and the mechanism of the drug action, then you can call your doctor and ask about everything that worries you.

The majority of medical abortions end successfully, but 2% of women have problems with completing their pregnancy and they may need surgery.

You should follow all the recommendations of your doctor to avoid any undesirable consequences after taking abortion pills. The doctor may also prescribe you antibiotic drugs if it is necessary. During the period of time when you get a medical abortion, it is recommended to avoid alcohol and smoking. During the week after the medical abortion, you should not do the following things: use tampons; have any physical exertion; have vaginal sex; take a bath or swim. It is recommended to take a shower instead of taking a bath.

You are forbidden to take abortion pills if you have the following conditions: bleeding problems; high blood pressure; ectopic pregnancy; pregnancy period more than 9 weeks; allergic reactions to mifepristone and misoprostol or their components.

The medication mifepristone has many benefits. In 95% of cases, the drug is working successfully. This medication is a good alternative to a surgical abortion, especially for those women, who live in remote areas. The women who have experienced medical abortions usually note that, unlike a surgical abortion, this procedure is less stressful. Also, with a medical abortion, a woman does not need any anesthesia. The big advantage is that abortion pills can be taken at home.

But along with the advantages there are some drawbacks that also should be noted. There is a minimal risk of getting infection during the severe bleeding, but it can be cured with antibiotic medications. A woman may experience a very severe and heavy bleeding, which, in rare cases, may require such a procedure as a blood transfusion. As for a surgical abortion, then it usually takes approximately 15 minutes, and a medical abortion can take much longer, up to several days.

It is important, that every woman should think about her health and choose herself, what kind of abortion she would like to have. Anyway, it must be a deliberate decision of each woman.