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Abortion Pill in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries, where abortions are available for women. Women in New Zealand can get two types of abortions. They are a medical abortion and a surgical abortion. Both surgical and medical abortions are quite effective and safe procedures. Both types of abortion include the same requirements and medical examinations. The occurrence of any complications is quite rare.

Most women in New Zealand chose medical abortion because early-pregnancy medical abortion is similar to the condition of an early miscarriage, and many women believe that this is a more natural process than a surgical abortion, which is performed with the help medical instruments.

Usually, a medical abortion is done at the pregnancy period of up to 9 weeks and requires the usage of two drugs, which are also called abortion pills. Taking the drugs is divided into two days. But if a woman has a medical abortion in the pregnancy period of less than 7 weeks, then both medications can be taken on the same day.

Both medicines are taken in the clinic or hospital. After taking the medications, a woman can go home and wait for the symptoms that cause the pregnancy termination. The symptoms are usually very severe and may include cramps and heavy bleeding with blood clots. The cramps usually begin after taking the second abortion pill and last about 4-6 hours while the uterus is completely emptied. This period can be very difficult for a woman both physically and psychologically, so if the woman is at home, it is important that there were close people who can provide her with necessary help and support. A woman can choose to be in the clinic and then during the period of the drugs action she will be under the supervision of the doctors.

Medical abortions are successful in 97-99% of cases. An important role is played by the pregnancy period of the woman. In rare cases, if the abortion is not complete, then the woman may apply for a surgical abortion. A week after taking the abortion pills, you should visit your doctor who may order a blood test and an ultrasound scan to confirm that the medical abortion was successful.

Some women do not choose a medical abortion, as it has some disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that this procedure takes several days, while a surgical abortion takes about 5 minutes. During the action of the drugs, a woman may feel very heavy painful cramps, which can last for a long time. The longer the duration of the pregnancy, the higher the possibility that the drugs will not work is. After a medical abortion, a woman needs one more visit to the clinic.

Unlike medical abortions, surgical abortions are performed with the help of medical instruments and require surgical intervention. A surgical abortion can be done up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. The procedure itself takes up to 5 minutes, but the woman should stay in the clinic for several hours. The bleeding after a surgical abortion is usually not as severe as with a medical abortion and usually ends in two weeks. But during a surgical abortion, women cannot have a control over this procedure. Also, different women suffer from pain in different ways. Many women are against surgery, so they choose a medical abortion.

All the facts show that the two types of abortion have benefits and drawbacks. A woman should understand herself what she needs and make decisions herself. Before making a decision it’s better to contact a specialist and learn everything about abortions.