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First Trimester Abortion

First Trimester Abortion

A legal and safe way to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester is a surgical or medical abortion. A woman should understand the difference between the two procedures.

Surgical abortion is available to a woman, who has a pregnancy of up to 12 weeks from the first day of the last menstruation. Medical abortion is allowed to a woman, who has a pregnancy of up to 10 weeks from the first day of the last menstruation.

A woman can get a surgical abortion only in a medical center, a clinic or a hospital. The procedure of a surgical abortion takes about 5-10 minutes. The doctor empties the woman’s uterus with the help of special medical instruments. If the woman experiences any health problems after the abortion, she needs one more visit to the doctor.

Unlike a surgical abortion, a medical abortion is held with the help of abortion pills, which a woman can get in a medical center. The pills of Mifepristone usually do not cause any complications, although some women may experience nausea. After taking this medication in 6 hours, the woman should take a second medication, Misoprostol, which can be taken at home. After taking the second medication, the abortion goes to the finish, the woman experiences the bleeding that empties the uterus and ends the pregnancy.

During a medical and surgical abortion, a woman can experience pain and convulsions, so it is allowed to take analgesic drugs.

During the both types of abortion, a woman will experience bleeding, but a medical abortion involves severe bleeding at the beginning and a weaker bleeding within two weeks after the abortion. During a surgical abortion, there is usually a slight bleeding, which may last about one week. Sometimes it may last for several weeks after the abortion.

You can find the information about the cost of a surgical abortion and a medical abortion in the medical center or a clinic where you receive your medical care.

As for the guaranteeing the success of the procedure, during a medical abortion, taking abortion pills gives a 98-99% guarantee for a successful procedure. Surgical abortion is successful within 99% of women. If the procedure is unsuccessful, the woman will have to repeat it.

Many women worry about their possibility to have a pregnancy in future. Neither surgical nor medical abortion reduces the possibility of further pregnancies.

Speaking about the advantages, it should be noted that with a medical abortion no medical instruments are used, which excludes the possibility of injury. There is also no need for anesthesia. This type of abortion just feels like a usual miscarriage. A woman can be alone at home in comfortable conditions or in any other place convenient for her. The woman may have a number of close people, who can provide her with the necessary help and support.

What concerns surgical abortion, then the procedure lasts only a few minutes and usually a woman has a slight bleeding. During the abortion the woman is surrounded by experienced doctors, who will help her if there are any problems.

Despite all the advantages, the completion of a medical abortion occurs only after 1-2 days, and the convulsions and bleeding can be very severe, they may last for a long time. Surgical abortion is held with the help of medical instruments and requires anesthesia and taking analgesic drugs, which increases the possibility of the occurrence of side effects. Also, surgical abortion can’t be done at a very early pregnancy period, unlike a medical abortion.