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Is Abortion Legal in Texas?

Is Abortion Legal in Texas?

As for the legality of abortions in Texas, according to the Texas law, an abortion is a legal procedure. A woman in Texas has the constitutional right to make the decision about becoming a parent herself. This includes the right to terminate a pregnancy. In Texas abortions are not forbidden, but the state can impose some restrictions that make abortions in Texas more expensive and complicated.

Abortions in Texas are banned if the pregnancy period is more than 20 weeks, if the fetus does not have serious anomalies and the pregnancy does not threaten the life of a woman. After a period of 16 weeks of a pregnancy, the abortion can only be done at a hospital or a medical center, which provides women with such a service as an abortion.



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According to the Texas state law, you must make at least two visits to a clinic or a hospital where you are aborting. It is required that you must be done a sonogram and you must receive the necessary documents on possible medical risks. You can get an abortion 24 hours after the sonogram and receiving the documents, but if you live in a remote area and more than 100 miles from the clinic or the hospital, your 24-hour wait may not be required.

It is important, that the doctor who made you a sonogram, according to the law of Texas, will be the same doctor who will perform the abortion. Any further visits should only be to the same doctor. You can’t first get a sonogram from one doctor, and then go to another doctor.

Recently, the number of the clinics and other places, where you can have an abortion in Texas, significantly decreased. More than one clinic or hospital providing abortion services are located in the following cities: Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso and McAllen.

Concerning the types of abortion, in Texas you can either have a medical abortion, which is performed by taking abortion pills, or a surgical abortion, which is performed in a clinic or a hospital with the help of surgical instruments. Both types of abortion are safe and effective. The type of the abortion you get depends on many factors, including the period of your pregnancy. Your doctor will recommend you the best abortion type in your situation.

If you are under 18 and you want to have an abortion, then this is legal if you have the permission from your parent, which is represented in a written form in the clinic. If you are over 18 years old, then the permission from your parents is not required and you can make the decision yourself.

If you are under the age of 18 and you do not have the permission for an abortion from one of your parents, then you have the right to achieve the abortion with the help of the court and then the judge will make the decision about your abortion.

The payment for an abortion can be covered by your insurance only if you are provided by separate abortion insurance. In general, the Texas law prohibits insurers from covering abortion cases. Insurance for abortions is carried out when the abortion can save you from death or it will prevent the conditions that may be dangerous for your life.

A lot of women worry about the safety of the abortion procedure. Abortion is a common and safe procedure. More than 99% of abortions occur without serious complications. Usually, if the abortion passes without any complications, then it does not cause any consequences for further pregnancies. There is no scientific evidence that an abortion can negatively affect a further pregnancy.

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