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Misoprostol for Abortion

Misoprostol for Abortion

The medication Misoprostol is a medicine, also known as an abortion pill, which is used, when a woman wants to get a medical abortion in the period the pregnancy up to 10 weeks. The medication will be effective, when the pregnancy period is not more than 10 weeks, and if the period of the pregnancy covers more than 10 weeks, then this medication will not work for a medical abortion.

For a medical abortion, you will need about 12 pills of the drug Misoprostol and each pill should be 200 mcg. It is only your doctor, who can prescribe the exact dosage of the medication to you.

It is necessary to consult your doctor when you have any questions about the action of the medication Misoprostol and about the procedure of your medical abortion. Tell the doctor if you have any diseases and take any drugs. Ask the doctor about the substances, which may affect the drug Misoprostol. Also you can try to order abortion pill online.

Application Method

  1. One hour before you take the abortion pill Misoprostol, you should take the drug Ibuprofen (800mg). This measure is not necessary, but it is recommended in order to reduce the possibility of potential side effects.
  2. Take 4 Misoprostol tablets by placing them under your tongue and wait for 4 hours.
  3. Take 4 more Misoprostol tablets in the same way and wait for 4 hours.
  4. Take the last 4 tablets of the drug Misoprostol by putting them under your tongue. It is important that each pill must remain under your tongue during 30 minutes and then, when they are completely absorbed by your body, you can drink a small amount of water.

Even if you experience bleeding after taking the first abortion pill of Misoprostol, you should take all the 12 pills.

After taking the pills of Misoprostol, you should expect the occurrence of spasms and bleeding, possibly with blood clots. These symptoms are typical for a medical abortion. Exact time of the occurrence of the symptoms may vary with different women.

The bleeding caused by the action of the abortion pills should be of the same amount or more, than a woman’s normal menstrual period. It is usually observed within several hours. Medical abortion itself takes about 2 weeks, so the bleeding may last up to several weeks. The bleeding can continue for several days or even weeks after taking abortion pills, as it depends on the woman’s organism and each case of abortion is different.

You should make one more visit to the doctor again two weeks after taking the abortion pills. It is necessary in order to make sure that your abortion was successful and complete. In rare cases the drug does not work completely and the woman should get a surgical abortion in the clinic.

Side effects

The usage of the drug Misoprostol may cause the risk of the occurrence of some possible side effects that can last from several hours up to several days. They include: diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, fever, headache and chills.

To avoid the infection, it is necessary to follow important recommendations during the time, when you have the bleeding. They are the following: 1) do not insert tampons or menstrual cup into the vagina; 2) avoid physical exertion and overwork; 3) avoid swimming and being in the water.

The medication Misoprostol can be taken at home, so it’s recommended to have somebody, who can provide you with necessary support and help, as you may experience painful symptoms, which are hard both physically and psychologically. If you have any severe complications, which you can’t cope with, then immediately contact the doctor.