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In the life of every woman it sometimes happens that she is forced to choose some abortion method. Of course, this situation is quite complicated and it is not so easy to perform pregnancy termination.

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The most modern option of abortion nowadays is an abortion pill (among the vacuum aspiration and dilation and curettage). The main advantages of this method is that it is performed without medical invasion in woman's body and it involves less harm to woman's health.

The main concept of abortion using the abortion pill is the following: woman should take special medication. The type of consuming and the type of medication depends on the method of abortion. There are two variants: Misoprostol and Mifepristone can be used and Misoprostol can be used as a single medication. Also, there are two ways of medications using: oral and vaginal. Vaginal way is preferred as it is more effective. Variant with Misoprostol only is used in countries where Mifepristone is not available, or in situations where woman cannot take it.

When we are talking about buying abortion pill online - the only option available is Misoprostol. The reason of it is that Mifepristone is steroid drug and it is contained in the list of controlled substances.

Misoprostol is produced in brand and generic forms. The brand name of it is Cytotec. Medication is produced in the form of pills with two options - 100mcg or 200mcg of active substance.

If you want to perform abortion procedure at home you can order abortion pill online, but you should understand that you are doing it at your own risk and ultrasound after the abortion is strongly recommended. You should make sure that complete abortion has been performed, otherwise Vacuum Aspiration is needed.

If you will ask how abortion at home is performed, I will tell you the following:

Woman should take 800mcg of Misoprostol vaginally.

After short perod of time bleeding from the vagina is starting. Bleeding can be compared with one during the periods or it can be more intensive. The bleeding can be quite painful, so it is recommended to take some painkiller - for example Ibuprofen.

The most common side effect when taking the abortion pill is vomiting. When woman suffers from this condition it is better to take special anti-emetic drug - Metaclopramide.

The cost of the abortion pill is high enough. It is located in the range between $300 and $500. You can reduce your expenses when buying abortion pill online with the special abortion pill coupons. The question is: where to buy abortion pill? There are a lot of websites that give you ability to order abortion pills. The most of them are secure and safe.

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