Aeraulic Cleaning: Why

Aeraulic Cleaning: Why

Aeraulic Cleaning

Living in healthy places is absolutely a priority to be respected to ensure better productivity and less absenteeism in the workplace. To ensure healthy air conditions it is necessary to periodically clean and sanitize all aeraulic ducts – the air channels santa clara hvac.

By combining the cleaning of the air ducts with the sanitization of the environment, you are guaranteed a completely healthy workplace!

But What Is An Aeraulic System?

Behind this somewhat difficult term to pronounce there are simply “ducts”: the aeraulic systems are in fact the channels that transport the air in the various environments. Aeraulic systems are therefore nothing more than the set of all the devices that allow you to have a desired air quality and are divided into 2 macro categories:

Air conditioning systems: these are systems that aim to heat or cool the ambient air (air conditioner or heat pump).

Ventilation systems: these are all those systems that do not regulate the temperature or humidity of the air.

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Why Is It Necessary To Clean The Aeraulic System?

Good air quality in the workplace is essential to reduce the risks of respiratory and allergic diseases and to avoid Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)  or  Sick Building Syndrome.

If the aeraulic ducts are not clean and sanitized, pathogens harmful to humans can develop because they can give rise to numerous diseases of both the respiratory tract and the epidermis, headaches and asthenia.

This is why it is necessary to maintain a good state of health of the aeraulic pipes!

Keep everything clean and set? Definitely yes!

It is better to plan periodic cleaning and disinfection interventions, in this way it is avoided that dirt accumulates inside the aeraulic ducts, which can subsequently be separated and dispersed in the environment.