Auto locksmiths’ main services and benefits

locksmith  plantation

A locksmith company is a service that performs specific types of services related to the securing and repairing of structures, or other property. Its services include installing new locks, providing security alarms and safes, replacing broken glass doors, opening locked areas from the inside or outside, and changing out deadbolt lock keys.

Here are the mains service of locksmiths:

Install lock

A certified locksmith  plantation will install a new pin tumbler lock with a set of matching keys. The client should provide the brand, model number, and key type of their current lock. If necessary, an emergency key can be supplied after the installation.

Repair lock

If one of the keys on the lock is broken or damaged, a locksmith company can replace it. The client should provide a picture of the key. A new key shall be supplied if the old key is traced or found to no longer function properly. If an emergency key is needed, an after-hours service can be provided as long as this service will not result in unnecessary damages to other property.

Change lock cylinder

If a lock cylinder is damaged or worn out, a locksmith can replace it with a new one. If the current cylinder does not contain any keys, too many keys, or their key groove is broken, pressing the brand and model into the keywell of a new cylinder may help remove some of the faulty keys. The client should show the certified locksmith a picture of their current lock and its keyway in order to get an exact match.

locksmith  plantation

Cut keys

The certified locksmith can cut a client’s key to fit their existing lock. If the client does not have a copy of their key, the locksmith company can create a new, original key from scratch.

Install deadbolts

A locksmith will install a deadbolt on the inside of the main entrance door of a structure. Deadbolts are made with several different locking mechanisms that can be chosen to fit any type or style of door or frame. Each lock is unique and its weighted latch mechanism differs. It is important that the client gets an official copy of the original manufacturer’s specifications for their deadbolt to ensure an exact fit.

Reprogram locks

If a house or business requires a new key for any type of lock, a locksmith will reprogram the lock so that new keys can be made after inserting the correct code into it. They will also install new keys if existing ones are worn or broken.