Show your Accuracy With Tudor Black Bay Bronze

Tudor Black Bay

It is not at all hidden from the world that one of the most famous timepieces, the Black Bay series from the big name, Tudor. This series has several models and makes, each different from the others and unique in its own style. However, despite so many differences from one another, Tudor has made sure that everything is okay when people talk about the quality of these watches. The people love them, and Tudor knows how to keep its customers happy. There are so many variants of the black bay series that an entire inventory is present for the customers to choose from. tudor black bay bronze is one of the most loved models from the Black Bay series.

One can only expect class and precision from Tudor, and therefore, all of these customer requirements are fulfilled by Black Bay Bronze.

tudor black bay bronze

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It is one of the sleekest designs among the series of the black bay. This particular model of the watch is slightly bigger than other watches in the series. It has a diameter of 43 mm, and the thickness of the case is 14.5 mm. The bracelet size is 52 mm, particularly suitable for people with average-sized wrists or bigger than that. If you have a large wrist, this watch is most convenient for you.


Material used

As the name suggests, the material used in the watch is bronze. And therefore, it has more weight than those made of steel. You can easily compare the weight difference if you have worn steel-cased watches before. Being heavier than the steel counterparts does not imply that the weight of the watch is unbearable. It is not likely to cause any kind of inconvenience to the wearer.

The bronze alloy that is used in the making of the watch comprises copper and aluminum. This is the reason for the sturdiness of the watch.

Also, because of this, the case of the watch is scratch-proof and anti-corrosive.

Look of the watch

The watch’s dull gold surface shines, giving it a refined vintage look.

The screw-down crown present on the right side of the case of the watch has a rose picture engraved on it that was a previously used logo. Because of the gear-like teeth on this crown, the wearer can easily adjust the time.

The watch has a water resistance of up to 200 m depth, so you can easily wash your hands without worrying about the water splattering on it or even go scuba diving without thinking about any damage that could be caused to the watch because there is none.

The dial’s surface has a sleek matte finish, illuminating the hands.

The watch’s strap is made of leather for the wearer’s comfort. Also, the buyer can change the strap to a Japanese fabric strap.