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Here you will find info about possible abortion options including the abortion pill.

Nowadays there are two ways to terminate a pregnancy. They are a surgical abortion or a medical abortion. Many women, who need an abortion at an early stage of their pregnancy, choose a medical abortion, as it does not require any surgical procedure. Abortion pills are the pills, with the help of which a medical abortion is usually done.



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When a woman is going to get a medical abortion, she gets two medications, which are used for this purpose. They are misoprostol and mifepristone. They are also often called abortion pills.

A medical abortion consists of two stages. The first stage is taking the first abortion pill, which is mifepristone. It is received from your doctor or a nurse in the clinic or hospital, where you receive medical care. The medication mifepristone helps to block progesterone hormone, which is the hormone produced by the woman’s body during the pregnancy. It is possible that some antibiotic drugs will be also prescribed to the woman along with the drug mifepristone.

The second stage of a medical abortion is taking another medication, which is misoprostol. The woman, who is going to have an abortion, should receive complete instructions for using this medication from the doctor. It is usually taken in the period of time from 6 to 48 hours after taking the medication mifepristone. The drug misoprostol can be taken at home. As a result of misoprostol intake the woman will experience the spasms in her body, which usually cause the bleeding and the woman’s uterus is completely emptied. This body condition is similar to an early miscarriage and is the final stage of a medical abortion. A woman can feel severe pain and it is better to have somebody nearby, who can help and support her in this moment.

A medical abortion is an effective way to terminate a pregnancy. According to the statistics, 98 out of 100 women receive a successful complete medical abortion by taking abortion pills in the period of up to 8 weeks pregnancy. 96 women out of 100 receive a successful termination of pregnancy in the period of 8-9 weeks of their pregnancy. 91 out of 100 women receive a complete medical abortion in the period of 9-10 weeks of the pregnancy.

There are very rare cases, when an abortion pill does not work or works in a wrong way. In such cases, women can take more drugs or go to the clinic to complete the procedure of abortion.

Usually a woman can get a medical abortion in the period of up to 10 weeks of her pregnancy. If more than 10 weeks have passed, then she can get a surgical abortion in the clinic or hospital.

As for the choice of the type of abortion, then this is the personal preference of the woman. Many women choose a medical abortion because it can be obtained at any place convenient for the woman. It’s possible to get it at home, and it doesn’t require surgery. You can be alone at home at this time, but it is better to be near with close people, who can provide you with the necessary support. Having an abortion is not a simple decision for any woman, so she may need a psychological support. Many women consider medical abortion to be more natural, as it is similar to the condition of an early miscarriage. Usually the women do not want to have an abortion with using medical instruments in the doctor’s office.

Generally, if a woman doubts which type of abortion is more appropriate for her, then it would be a good decision to consult with an experienced doctor, who will give a piece of advice on the best way in her case.