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Medical vs Surgical Abortion

Medical vs Surgical Abortion

Often, when a woman decides to have an abortion, she faces the choice: a surgical abortion or a medical abortion. It’s important to understand the difference between these two procedures.

During a surgical abortion, the gynecologist uses suction to empty the woman’s uterus. A speculum is placed in the vagina, the cervix becomes numb and widens. Then a tube is placed in the uterus and suction is used. Surgical abortion requires fewer visits to the doctor and the procedure itself takes less time. Such abortion is considered to be more effective. According to the statistics, 98 percent of surgical abortions are successful. Just 2 percent of women face problems during surgical abortions.

As for the timing, surgical abortions are allowed in the period of 6-14 weeks of pregnancy. The period is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual cycle and women are often asked to wait up to six weeks of pregnancy. At a period of more than 6 weeks, the effectiveness may decrease.

With medical abortion, pregnancy ends with the help of a combination of abortion pills. Medical abortion can be done only at an early pregnancy. This does not require surgical interference or anesthesia. Also, according to women’s opinion, having a medical abortion, they a higher control under their body, and also they consider such abortion more natural. The first step in a medical abortion is taking an abortion pill, which stops the growth of pregnancy. Then after 1-3 days the woman takes another abortion pill, which will cause the contraction of the uterus and bleeding to complete the abortion. To know exactly that the medical abortion was successful, the woman should visit the doctor again.

About 97% of women do not have any contraindications and have no side effects during medical abortions. Some women are contraindicated to take abortion pills. in this case they need a surgical abortion. Also, if the pregnancy is prolonged, then a medical abortion is contraindicated.

A medical abortion is possible with a pregnancy period of 4-12 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual cycle. It is most effective at an early period of pregnancy, as it causes less bleeding. A woman can have a medical abortion as soon as she finds out about her pregnancy and the most appropriate time for a medical abortion is 5-7 weeks of pregnancy.

If you are puzzled whether there is a risk of contracting an infection, then with a surgical abortion there is a small chance of infection at the end of the abortion procedure. To reduce the possibility of getting any infection, the woman will be given antibiotics.

During a medical abortion there is also a small probability of getting infection after the abortion, so it is recommended to take antibiotics.

Many women are afraid that after an abortion they may lose the opportunity to have children. In the case of a surgical abortion, there is no indication that this procedure affects the ability to have children. The same situation is observed with a medical abortion. The effect of a medical abortion on the ability to have children has not been identified.

A woman should be warned that during a surgical abortion there is a small risk of cervical injury when the instruments are placed in the vagina and cervix. If there is any damage to the cervix, then this may require additional treatment.

In comparison with a surgical abortion, during a medical abortion there is no need to use any instruments, so there is no risk of any injury.