Check the condition of the property

buying a house

After checking the property documentation, it will be necessary to visit the apartment, to check the state of the property, but also of the systems and more. Here’s what to look out for:

Why does the owner want to sell the property? There are many reasons why you choose to sell your home. But it is useful to know them, because sales made directly by a private individual can sometimes hide unpleasant surprises

In which neighborhood is the property located? Many houses that cost a fortune in the 90s were built in neighborhoods that have undergone slow degradation, and have now become unlivable. Understanding how a neighborhood will change in 10 or 20 years is very difficult, but getting information about the neighborhood is in any case useful.

The cadastral survey and planimetry. The plan and the cadastral survey are used to understand if the current state of the apartment is identical to the plan registered in the Land Registry. Sometimes this is not the case, since the previous owner may have carried out renovations without requiring the update of the cadastral plan. In this case, it is necessary to draw a new plan and file it with the Land Registry. If the owner has carried out work that cannot be regularized, it will be worth giving up on the purchase. Neither the bank that will have to grant the loan, nor the notary that will have to stipulate the deed will accept a plan that does not reflect the current state of the property

The condominium resolutions. The condominium resolutions are useful for understanding many things about the condominium where you could go to live. For example, condominiums may have approved extraordinary maintenance work that has not actually been carried out yet. Or, the cost of the interventions could have increased. Or again, during the assemblies the owners are unable to reach an agreement on the management of the condominium. These are important issues to understand

This documentation is usually presented to real estate agencies, but if you want to conclude the purchase of the house with a private individual, you will have to collect and read each document in person. If you are familiar with cadastral plans, deeds of provenance and resolutions of condominium assemblies, verifying the documentation will be easy. Otherwise, it could be useful to get help from a professional.