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ERP implementation framework

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning a software system used to run a company skilfully and effectively. ERP defines the business process which includes finance, human resource department, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, and many more. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the different installation processes needed for ERP implementation which is done when you have chosen the ERP software you want to implement for your business entity.

What is the objective or aim of an ERP System?

  • Used to improve internal communication among different departments of a company.
  • This system is used to reduce errors mainly human errors because this system is based on automation and standardization when dealing with orders.
  • This software is used so that your productivity increases.
  • This process helps the company to save time and energy.
  • Customers can or have the opportunity to see the recent status of their service be it for delays or issues occurring for their orders through notifications. This process increases the rate of satisfaction and loyalty shown by the customers.

 The implementation process of ERP Software consists of different steps. They are-

ERP implementation framework

  • Discovery and planning- a project team is set to find out different problems or things required by different departments of a company so that the ERP System will solve them.
  • Design- sort out the existing workflows by learning how to customize your software and migrate data to the new form.
  • Development-customize the software based on requirements or issues of your business by preparing the training, and lastly imports the data.
  • Support- the team which is leading the project ensures that the users will support by upgrading the system and fixing the issues.
  • Deployment- after the configuration process try the migration and data transfer process.
  • Testing- test the different functions provided by different ERP Software and development level so that they are ready to solve any issues if emerged.

Different sectors where ERP Software is used-

  • Manufacturing companies- these companies greatly depend on their supplies so that they can maintain or improve the profit rate. Through this software, the business entities will know from where the products are coming and how it is processed.
  • Retail stores- the ERP Software will help these stores to predict their future demand for a product and how to fulfill them through supplies.

To conclude, the article defines ERP Software Implementation.