Sell Your House Faster at a Better Price

Sell Your House Faster

You’ve been looking for weeks, months, years, or even decades, and now you have finally found that perfect home. You are so excited and can’t wait to get your kids into the school district, make new friends at the neighborhood block party, or be near that favorite restaurant. But to do any of those things, you have this little thing called a housing debt obligation: your current mortgage.


Selling your house faster with more money is easier than it seems. All you need is a little help from the real estate commission industry, which spends billions of dollars yearly helping people sell their houses faster for more money. The sure-fire ways that realtors will get you to sell your house quicker and make more money are through using high-pressure sales tactics, lying to you and others, and steering you into situations that require high levels of commission.


There is no way to get rid of that debt obligation faster, but there are ways to sell your house more quickly with more money.

Sell Your House Faster

The real estate commission industry is trying to get you to stay in that house by offering various incentives. In the end, they want your money and to make money too. It is not in their best interest to help you sell your house faster with more money, but they will do it anyway because they receive a commission. They have the incentive and financial incentive (money) and the incentive (earning a commission) from their real estate agent on the other side of a transaction. For more facts, go to


Realtors make enormous commissions for selling a house fast. They are not a middle man; they are the middle man and more. Who is more likely to lie to you, the realtor or the seller? Who is more likely to steer you into situations that will cost you sales money? Who should you believe: the average real estate agent, who is both lying and steering you toward problems that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, or somebody like me, who has made a study of how this business works and has written a book to help other people sell their houses faster with more money?


Don’t believe everything realtors say while they steer buyers and sellers toward commission prompts. They are the middlemen who want to get paid. They are both lying and steering toward situations that cost people money. They will tell you that you need to sell your house fast or at the right price, but they can’t do it for you or even help you much.