What is Thread Lift? Read From Victoria Facelift Review

victoria facelift review

If you are in your early thirties or late twenties and you are noticing those minutes signs of ageing that are bothering you then you definitely need to know about the procedure of Thread Lift. Now, what the heck is Thread Lift? If this is the first though popping up in your mind, then read below to know more about Thread Lift. Thread Lift is the face lifting technique that works on the concerned areas with the help of a thread that pulls up the tissues to regain youthful skin. Sounds technical? Read further to know better. Thread lift is a non-surgical procedure, which is performed using threads that are being used to uplift the sagging skin. It includes negligible pitfalls and is considered to be one of the safest face lifting procedures. The patients can immediately go back to their routine post procedure as it does not demand for any rest hours.

What can be treated using Thread Lift?

  • It works good for eyebrow lift, forehead lift, arm lifts, or subtle breast lift
  • It can eradicate laugh lines and crow’s feet.
  • It works best while getting rid of the neck lines and folds of buttocks, stomach and jaw line
  • It works efficiently to uplift the floppy corners of the mouth, love handles, or hips.


The thread lift procedure is simple and could be well tolerated with oral sedation and local anaesthetic. It utilizes several hair thin needles that have fine threads dipped in bio stem cell liquid. The needles are step by step inserted into the skin, and then pulled out leaving the threads inside the skin tissues. It promotes the production of collagen and induces fibroblast which literally lifts the skin. The thread is later absorbed into the skin leaving no marks or remains of the procedure.

Is thread Lift a Safe Procedure?

Thread lift is a safe face-lifting procedure as it does not renders any side effects on the skin. The procedure takes a total of 40 to 50 minutes after which the patient could get back to the normal routine immediately. This face lift procedure is comparatively less expensive than other options available. The patient can even wash face after 6 hours from the completion of the procedure. The thread is inserted in intradermal site which is later absorbed by the skin leaving no remnants after the procedure. Read details from victoria facelift review blogs.