Working in digital marketing, the different possible paths

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The digital world is a world as full of opportunities as it is vast and confusing. In fact, the problem I find in people who approach it for the first time is precisely this perception of confusion and disorientation. This is why I have tried to summarize in this article what are the professional paths that a person trained in digital marketing can decide to undertake. I won’t tell you in detail about the lost professions of digital marketing, but about the professional paths you can choose to take.


I will first make a small but necessary premise on the subject. In this article I will tell you about 4 different paths that can be taken in the digital world. I want to underline that none of these is better than the others, as you will see in the following lines, each path has its own characteristics, pros and cons, all elements that must go to fit with the lost characteristics of each person

The path that according to your characteristics feels more like you is the best path for you to take. And among other things, starting a certain professional path does not mean precluding yourself from moving on to another one in the future. Well, after this premise, let’s get started.

Work in digital marketing as an employee in the company

The first professional path that can be followed to work in digital marketing that I want to tell you about is that of an employee in the company.

Medium-sized companies often have an internal marketing department, which takes care of totally marketing (and therefore also digital marketing) of the company, or deals only with the strategic and coordination aspect, or in any case only with a portion of marketing, delegating the bulk to an external communication agency.

Pros : great stability consisting of all the great advantages of being an employee (permanent job, salary that arrives at the end of the month, paid holidays, etc.) and the possibility of becoming passionate about a company and marrying its project, being part of a team.

How to take this path : usually if you want to take the path in the company, unless you already have previous experience, you have to start with an internship, proposing yourself to any job announcements offered by companies.